Friday, 26 November 2010

Yawl Aflalo was born in L.A in 1977, after a year studying fashion design in berkeley in California she began working for fred segal.she focused on reconstruction and reworking vintage wear, the buyer asked her to design a whole new range using her reconstruction techniques.YA-YA was lucnhed in 2002, the clothing was supposed to be very emotionally expressive and be like costumes for your day to day mood.

 Yael Aflalo and Chi Bui are about to lauch a new line for the spitalfields urban outfitters store, 'the reformation' is a line of  clothing which has been inspired by vintage clothing, disected and recreating  new new styles. The mixture of Bui's quirky, whimsical and faminine style and  Afalos casual, wearable, sexy body concious clothing. Together they have created a collection which is famine, clean  and wearable, most of the line is made out of vintage fabrics and the all have a very vintage-esque feel.